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Photo Gallery: Stiff Middle Fingers / Vigil and Thieves / Left E Grove / Cuee

Hold onto your butts. Field Day Fest is coming. The strictly local music festival is arguably (and we will argue this) one of the hottest
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You need to come chill with Left E. Grove

Anymore, watching a Left E. Grove set has been bringing more merriment and amusement to the local scene. On Thursday night, the local rapper celebrated

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Album Review: Left E. Grove releases perfectly-executed “Left of Center”

We hate that one of the most exciting albums of the year is coming after everybody’s year-end lists are out, but this is one you

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Listen: Left E. Grove releases “Come Chill”

Left E. Grove is one of the more underrated hip hop artists in the area. He had been under the radar for a bit, but


Local rappers bring deeply personal rhymes to the stage

Lawrence tends to have a problem with recognizing the local hip hop community. It’s there, but not getting the same recognition it did a decade