by Nathan Cardiff

Seven months since releasing their single “Life,” Major Games finally gives us the full length record we have all been anxiously awaiting. And what an album (just look at that cover art!) of heavy hitters, weird vibes, and thunderous sound.

“Life” knocks us off our feet with the magnificent noise and is best played as loud as fucking possible. “Find a new way/Find a new way to hang on” the lyrics challenge. The moody and dark “Prism” slinks with a gnarly bass line and hypnotizing drums; the vocals find a new delivery when the chorus hits “Why do we wait?/Why do we wait on you?” and in its nearly six minute runtime you are held under its spell until it shakes you loose.


Of course we all know that Major Games are notoriously loud and they do not disappoint on the self-titled LP with tracks like the furious “BDBDBD” with its screech and fuzz. The buzzing “Other Location” creeps around and strikes with flashes of violent bedlam. That buzz rings out on “Burner” with its sprinting tempo. Or maybe the buzz is just in your ears from the commotion these guys make. Major Games also get experimental with strange tracks like “Jennerz” & “Risk” pushing time signatures and song structure, slamming into the intersection of noise and song. They aren’t bullshitting, which is the best part. They take these tracks to the brink of insanity and never ease us down.

Major Games ends with the atmospheric “Voice,” a perfect conclusion to the record with dark intentions lingering under soft vocals. As we move through Spring and into lighter nights and warmer days, Major Games let us relish in the dark a little longer. They let an intensity simmer throughout and explode frequently. One of the year’s best; all the anticipation has paid off.

Favorite Tracks: “Life,” “Prism,” “Other Location,” & “Voice”

by Nathan Cardiff

Editor’s note: Major Games will celebrate an LP release party at the Bottleneck on Thursday, April 30. You can RSVP to that event here.



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