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Photo Gallery: Deerhunter / Migrainz

Migrainz / Photo by Fally Afani You could say the night was full of experiments. Experiments in sound, experiments in temperaments, and experiments with a
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We went to six shows in one night to prove a point

Anymore, Friday nights in Lawrence are pretty outrageous. There are just so many events happening at once. This wasn’t even a Final Fridays art walk,


The dog days of the Lawrence rock scene have arrived

Now that all the festivals and special events have died down, it’s time to enjoy the finer points of the rock scene in Lawrence. These

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Photo Gallery: Major Games / Psychic Heat / Maybe Not

Few records have gotten us worked up this year as much as Major Games’ self-titled masterpiece. It was certainly one of the most anticipated albums

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Album Review: Major Games – “Major Games”

by Nathan Cardiff Seven months since releasing their single “Life,” Major Games finally gives us the full length record we have all been anxiously awaiting.

Album Reviews Articles

Review: Major Games – “Life” Single

by Nathan Cardiff “Life,” the first single from Major Games’ forthcoming album, gives us all about 25 seconds to prepare for the majestically loud guitars


Lawrence Field Day Fest explodes into action with diverse performances

Talk about a complete 180 from last year. This year’s Lawrence Field Day Fest is already one for the books, and we’re only halfway through.


Photo Gallery: Liars / Cadence Weapon / Major Games

Photographer Nicholas Stahl caught these photos of Liars when they played at the Granada on Saturday. Rapper Cadence Weapon and local noise-makers Major Games joined


Liars fill Granada with electronic distortion, pounding rhythms

by Nicholas Stahl   One of the best parts of large touring shows is the back line. Some bands are very secretive when it comes