About two-thirds of the way through Folklore Suburbia’s album Space Ladies From Outer Space there is a drastic shift in style. The band spends the first seven tracks with a jovial, raw sound that slathers easy-breezy summer jams on top of gritty pop like putting more sunscreen on your sand covered body. A little twang, a little surf rock; songs like the title track, “Sunday Moon,” and “A Little Less (Or A Little Bit More?)” (which features a stellar trumpet) set Folklore Suburbia up like the house band at a surreal 1950s diner; part catchy, part nightmarish, but something you’ll be dancing to uncontrollably.

The last third gets more aggressive starting with the ethereal “The View From Uranus,” and the brutal duo “Slaughter You Down”/“Fly Away” (with its homage to Nirvana’s “About A Girl”), before ending with Emily Dickinson’s poem “I’m Nobody! Who are you?” over a dreamy guitar. Space Ladies From Outer Space hits like leaving an air conditioned room to the sick, sudden heat of the Kansas night (or maybe more appropriately; the cold vacuum of the infinite to the harsh atmosphere of earth). Prepare for the impact.

Folklore Suburbia play the Jackpot on Thursday, July 6th, with Way Back When and Havok on Polaris.



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