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Cutting Ties: Heidi Gluck releases calculated and intense new music

When we first gave Heidi Gluck’s new album Migrate or Die a listen, it felt like a familiar dark shadow. We’ve known this feeling before, the

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Album Review: The Gleaners – “Long Hauler”

The Gleaners have an unfortunately small discography for a band with nearly two decades behind them, most of which is unavailable online. This makes the

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Album Review: The Roseline – “Constancy”

The Roseline / Photo by Fally Afani At this point, The Roseline are nothing less than mainstays of Lawrence’s music scene. The band has been
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Album Review: Ebony Tusks – “Heal_Thyself”

Was there ever any doubt that Ebony Tusks’ debut LP could match the excellent and experimental energy of their live show? Heal_Thyself showcases the trio as masters

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Review: DumpStar – “Exile On 9th Street” EP

Crusty and catchy, DumpStar are out to prove punk’s not dead in 2020. They grind and rock their way through Exile On 9th Street, their

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Review: CHEW – “Darque Tan” EP

Editor’s note: CHEW is an Atlanta-based band, but are familiar and well-loved in the Lawrence live music scene. They also played the last show we

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Album Review: Ingrid Ingram – “Worried”

Crunching guitars smothered in fuzz kick off Worried, the new album from Ingrid Ingram. “Heavy Boots” slams into you with battering drums and swerving time

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Album Review: Godzillionaire – “Negative Balance”

Heavy times call for heavy tunes. Leave it to Godzillionaire to provide the aggressive soundtrack you need to head bang into oblivion, all from the

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Album Review: Empty Moon – “The Empty Moon Story”

Five long years have passed since Brendan Hangauer’s debut album under the moniker Empty Moon (add a year for the Fourth of July record from

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The Creepy Jingles throw it back to psychedelic garage rock with new song

The Creepy Jingles just premiered their new single off their upcoming album, and it may be the funnest minute of music of the week. Coming