CHEW / Photo by Fally Afani

Editor’s note: CHEW is an Atlanta-based band, but are familiar and well-loved in the Lawrence live music scene. They also played the last show we covered right before the quarantine, those photos here.

Atlanta trio CHEW blast off with their intergalactic, psychedelic laden rock. The chillwave pulse of opener “Ti + Do” is accented by the ethereal vocals swimming with the rhythm.

They lean into the furious guitars on “Future Prom” and jazzy, staccato drumming to just absolutely JAM. That rollicking energy roars into “Trucker Jesus,” with its angular guitar and heavy hitting riffs. “Huevos Satanica” borders on prog-rock, while closer “The Moon is Not an Easy Target” goes full experimental, layering synth and a gnarly bass line. Get ready to get weird and wild.

Favorite Tracks: “Future Prom” & “Trucker Jesus”



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