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Photo Gallery: CHEW at the Replay

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Review: CHEW – “Darque Tan” EP

Editor’s note: CHEW is an Atlanta-based band, but are familiar and well-loved in the Lawrence live music scene. They also played the last show we

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Photo Gallery: JC and the Nuns / CHEW / Oxford Remedy

It seems like overnight, the reality of coronavirus set in across the nation. Basketball is cancelled, festivals are cancelled, and America's Daddy Tom Hanks fell
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The Top 10 most badass things we saw from touring musicians in 2017

The end of the year seems to be a time to go over all the grievances society had the misfortune of experiencing. But here at

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Photo Gallery: Chew / Arc Flash / Mystery Blood

Tuesday nights have played host to some pretty outrageous shows at the Replay this Summer. This week, the normally-quiet weeknight saw three bands that destroyed