Before the pandemic, Not All There (a band comprised of KU students) had a strong student fan base in Lawrence. So naturally, they took to the campus for their latest music video.

The indie group (Brett Gilgus, Jimmy Bolamperti, Will Padek, and Max Meininger) walks the eerily empty campus in masks for “Quarantine My Clementine,” released just this week. Summers are usually a slow time of year for the University, but there’s a special emptiness at the very scenic campus during the current state of the pandemic. Meininger (guitar, bass, drums, and vocals) says they’ve used this time during the quarantine to transition from a cover band to writing originals. “Quarantine was when we really decided to take things to the next level as a band,” he says. “We’ve learned a lot about the songwriting process and how to translate our ideas into fully produced songs in a studio. We’re super lucky to have the opportunity to work with Duane Trower at Weights and Measures Soundlab in the North 18th and Vine District in KCMO. He’s the man.”

Since most of the band members are students at KU, they decided to team up with another KU student to produce the video. “My roommate this summer, Jake Meyerson, is a film student here at KU and was taking a music video class,” says Gilgus (vocals and guitar). “So we thought it was a perfect opportunity to film a quarantine inspired video for our song ‘Quarantine My Clementine.’ The song really addresses some things we feel lots of people have been going through during this weird time on planet Earth.”

You can watch the video below– and if you’d like to see the band back at the Jazzhaus (one of their hot spots) once the pandemic is over, visit



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