Godzillionaire / Photo by Fally Afani
Heavy times call for heavy tunes. Leave it to Godzillionaire to provide the aggressive soundtrack you need to head bang into oblivion, all from the comfort of your own home. Big riffs and teeth rattling drum match the ear shattering howl.

Negative Balance is MOODY throughout; when the band isn’t slamming through another monster track, they give a sinister vibe on tracks “Exit the Succubus/Bankrupt, Naked, & Void (Theme from Negative Balance)” and “Symphony for Reciprocating Engines (Love Theme from Negative Balance)” and hell yes these are really their titles. It’s majority heavy hitters though so if you’ve got excess energy to burn look no further. Godzillionaire makes good on what they deliver.

Favorite Tracks: “Ballad of the Topeka Gentleman” & “64 Palms (Brace for Impact)”

Editor’s note: Negative Balance drops on Friday, but you can listen to some of the tracks they’ve been leaking below.



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