Unfit Wives / Photo by Fally Afani
Add this to the list of cool things coming out of the music scene during the quarantine.

If you’re like us and miss all the pre-pandemic live shows, a little comfort is coming your way. One of the more popular venues in town is releasing recordings of their live shows. Kaw Valley Public House just launched a YouTube channel. On it, you’ll find songs from various acts who played the venue (as well as some witty pre-song banter and general bar noise chatter). The cover photos for these clips range from publicity photos to snaps shot live at the show (mostly by Photographer Brian Byers). Til Willis, The DeWayn Brothers, Unfit Wives, Megan Luttrell, and Bob Freeman are just some of the many names you’ll see on the playlist.

You can listen to a few segments below, or check out the full video channel here.

And, uh, definitely listen to that DeWayn Brothers track first if you need a real kick in the pants. It’s a doozy.



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