Merlin – “Execution” Single

by Nathan Cardiff The western tinged opening to “Execution” sounds like the sun beating down on a desert where two gunmen have met to duel.

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Album Review: Hello Biplane – “Line”

by Nathan Cardiff Beautifully folky Hello Biplane have delivered a fantastic record upon us this Spring. The airy, bouncing tunes feature a terrific tinge of

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La Guerre – “Rare and Collectible Spirits”

by Nathan Cardiff After her two EP releases in 2013, it seemed that Katlyn Conroy could move into two distinct directions (or frankly any direction

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Album Review: Bad Kids To The Front – “I Don’t Want To Go Insane”

by Nathan Cardiff A short seven months have passed when I feared for the future of Bad Kids to the Front, Drew Smith’s avant-garde experimental

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Album Review: Vehicles – “This Bluebird Wants Me Dead”

by Nathan Cardiff Vehicles waste no time in getting straight to the rock; the chugging opening track “Projections” is an instant headbanger with dark, crisp

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Album Review: The Phantastics – “Closer”

by Nathan Cardiff On the final track of Closer, The Phantastics invite the audience to “go bananas,” but I assure you they (band and listener

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Album Review: Danny Pound – “Hobby Howl”

by Nathan Cardiff “Connecticut Raindrop” may be the most beautiful track of the year. There, I said it. I realize this is a bold statement

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Album Review: Destroy Nate Allen – “Glow In The Dark”

by Nathan Cardiff With Glow In The Dark, Destroy Nate Allen gives us twelve tracks of greatest hits. The anti-folk punks spend the first half

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Album Review: The Sluts – “Virile”

Editor’s introduction: A little over two years ago, we walked into the Jackpot expecting to cover An Horse on their tour. But when a brand

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Review: Black On Black – “Get On With It”

by Nathan Cardiff In what I would’ve wagered to be an almost impossible move, Black On Black have released an EP that manages to be