by Nathan Cardiff

Vehicles waste no time in getting straight to the rock; the chugging opening track “Projections” is an instant headbanger with dark, crisp vocals. The band specializes in this brand of cold, distant rock ‘n’ roll. The killer bass line at the beginning of “Middle Modern” makes you feel like you’ve been banished to a frozen tundra. The sleek guitar on “Ms. Torture” could cut you apart if you aren’t careful.

Vehicles are obviously talented; smart lyrics, expert instrumentation, and an original sound that both welcomes and pushes back. They save their crescendos for just the right moments. You think you have been invited in to a warm environment and the band sets a trap, exploding full force with a barrage of slamming drums and vicious guitars. With songs like “Smoke” and the haunting closer “Broken Arm,” (the strings are absolutely devastating) Vehicles let you float across the landscape they’ve created.

This Bluebird Wants Me Dead is a triumph of indie bliss and hard rock. They show no fear in isolation.

Favorite Tracks: “Ms. Torture,” “Ghosts,” & “Broken Arm”

by Nathan Cardiff



Nathan has contributed to I Heart Local Music since November 2012. He lives in Kansas City, MO.

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