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Photo Gallery: Varma Cross / Wendy Moira / Wides

On a chilly and drizzly Friday evening, Love Garden set the scene for some of Lawrence’s rising acts. Varma Cross was celebrating a cassette release
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Watch: The Quivers debut new music at the Replay

Be still, our hearts! The Quivers have graced Lawrence once again in all their retro-rocking glory. The Kansas City band toes the line between rockabilly

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We went to six shows in one night to prove a point

Anymore, Friday nights in Lawrence are pretty outrageous. There are just so many events happening at once. This wasn’t even a Final Fridays art walk,

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Christopher Tolle releases new single

The man behind the Belles is bringing us more delicious local pop via the I-70 corridor. Christopher Tolle released “Early Reflections,” a single that features