If you’ve ever wondered what a college bro’s dorm room smells like, it smells like the basement of Frank’s on a hot and muggy August night. Piles of metal bands and metal heads squeezed into the former cock-fighting ring for a sweltering ballsack of a show, teeming with scenesters eager to get their first look at Glory.

The band is a hodgepodge of musicians from other bands, including Nancy Boys (who also played). If you looked out into the crowd, you’d spot a Black Lives Matter shirt here, a “Resist” one there. Everyone was jazzed on the impending revolution, and so was Glory. They had little mentions here and there regarding how to treat your fellow human, followed by anger-ridden ballads where the vocalist screamed “We will not be divided!” A lot of metal, punk, and hardcore bands in Lawrence have managed to hold performances that perfectly mirror the national sentiment, and Glory is no exception. Being a new band, their set was short lived (about ten minutes), so they were crammed into the same time slot as Nancy Boys (about 13 minutes).

Here’s a snippet of what they sound like:



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