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Local bartender is in a band, starts making drinks named after bands

If you’ve ever sipped on some booze, but wished it tasted more like a sweaty punk rocker or a bearded bluegrass musician, you’re in luck.

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Photo Gallery: Sheer Mag / Laffing Gas / The Whiffs / Nancy Boys

Sheer Mag is one of the only great American rock bands of this generation. The Philadelphia rockers blew through the Bottleneck, much to the delight
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Disorderly Dudes: How Nancy Boys are keeping hardcore alive in Lawrence

Sometimes it feels like if you blink, you might miss them. The rowdy rockers in Nancy Boys tend to play very quick, 15-minute sets… but

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Introducing: Glory

If you've ever wondered what a college bro's dorm room smells like, it smells like the basement of Frank's on a hot and muggy August
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Photo Gallery: Freeman’s Dead / Band of Wizards / Nancy Boys / Hot and Ugly

There was absolutely no escaping the rain on Wednesday night. It came out of every corner of the Replay, plopping down in everyone's drinks, and
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The best things we saw at the 2017 Lawrence Field Day Fest

Instant Karma! / Photo by Fally Afani Instant Karma Well gosh darnit, aren't these guys just adorable. Instant Karma, out of Kansas City, came off
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Photo Gallery: 2017 Lawrence Field Day Fest, Day 3

Take notes, everyone. This is how you support local music. After three days of nonstop live shows, Field Day Fest culminated in an explosion of
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I Heart Local Music announces Field Day Fest lineup

In just a few short weeks, Lawrence’s hottest Summer festival kicks off. From July 13th – 15th, Field Day Fest will feature dozens of local

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Photo Gallery: The Replay celebrates 4/20 with unruly show

If you’re prone to celebrating high times with your buds (heh), then Thursday’s Replay show is probably where you ended up. The venue switched their

Nancy Boys

Genre: Punk, Hardcore Members: Eddie (Guitar), Thomas (Guitar), Chris (Bass), Ian (Drums), Jesse (Vocals) Website: Negative Nancies by Nancy Boys