There was absolutely no escaping the rain on Wednesday night. It came out of every corner of the Replay, plopping down in everyone’s drinks, and just saturated everyone. So naturally, the venue was full of wet, slippery punks for a full lineup of mayhem. Two of the bands on the lineup came in from California, so the Monsoon-like weather was a bit of a jolt to them and likely jazzed them up even more for the show.

Long Beach-based misfits Freeman’s Dead diverted their originally-scheduled house show to the venue and brought their psych-punk freakout and outrageous antics to the stage. These guys were so out there and extraordinarily expressive. There was even a guy whose sole job in the band was to play a banana. We overheard one member of the audience proclaim “These punks are definitely on acid. All these punks are on acid.” One look at them, and we had to agree. If you were going to drop acid or take peyote and wander the California desert, this would be your soundtrack.

They were joined by Band of Wizards, Nancy Boys, and Hot and Ugly.



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