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Guitar god: Katy Guillen and the Girls slay Free State Fest

Katy Guillen and the Girls Katy Guillen is likely the best guitar player in the Kansas City rock scene. The woman is merciless, vicious, and
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Public Enemy took it to the streets at Free State Fest

It may have been the best block party to hit Downtown Lawrence in recent years. The partiest party of the summer began with locals sprinting
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Photo Gallery: The Philistines / Magnet School / Stiff Middle Fingers

The Philstines celebrated the release of their fiercely psychedelic album, The Backbone of Night, at the Replay Thursday evening. They brought along thrilling guitar solos,
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Photo Gallery: Easy Fruit / Schwervon! / Karen Meat and the Computer / Something and the Whatevers

The Taproom was a fun place to be on Tuesday night due to a selection of upbeat and peppy bands, with half the lineup hailing
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Sound Selectors: Meet the DJs who help Lawrence get down

When you hit the streets of Downtown Lawrence on any Friday evening, that’s when you’ll hear it. A sound luring in scenesters, beckoning them to

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Local musicians jam out with Dad at Father’s Day show

Matt and Lily Pryor While many Dads were unwrapping ties and reading Father's Day cards on Sunday, a few local musicians were getting ready to
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Album Review: Lincoln Marshall – “Water”

SEE THEM LIVEYou can see Lincoln Marshall live on Saturday, June 25th, when they open for Public Enemy at Free State Festival. The show is
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All in the family: local musicians team up with parents for Father’s Day show

In the Pryor family, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. While many of today’s musicians were in diapers, Matt Pryor was touring the

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Photo Gallery: The 2016 Girls Rock! Lawrence showcase

Girls Rock! Lawrence Rock and roll is all about attitude, and nobody carries more attitude than teenage girls. This is why, on Saturday night, Girls Rock!
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Photo Gallery: Dressy Bessy / Leggy / Arc Flash

It was one of those Summer nights where it was so hot and muggy, you were sweating from your eyeballs. Everyone was wearing the bare