Ask An Adult is a really, really weird band, you guys. But boy, are they fantastic entertainment.

The frontman in Ask An Adult has no idea what boundaries are. He’s not just pushing them, he’s smashing through them with those Hulk Hands you can buy at the store. The band makes music that is completely erratic with a flair for the theatrical. The singer may squeal, then yell into a megaphone before getting on all fours and either acting like an animal or lying down and pretending to be dead.

In addition to the lyrics (which he may be completely improvising for all we know), he’ll make any and all sound effects with his mouth by any means (or tools) necessary. With an impressive vocal range and a solid band of musicians, what erupts out of Ask An Adult is a funky nightmare. Think of what it would sound like if Primus made a Halloween album, and that’s what you get with Ask An Adult.

Exhibit A:



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