The People's Punk Band / Photo by Fally Afani
The People’s Punk Band / Photo by Fally Afani

In case you were wondering where The People’s Punk Band’s politics stand, Saturday night’s show provided some good imagery. The band began their set by entering into the venue through the back with Trump’s head on a stake. Everyone in that audience had a different reaction to the masked mannequin– some flipped it off, others kicked it, a couple kissed it, but many wanted to fight it (show us on the doll where he hurt you, America). As promised, the band got excessively rowdy with brawl-worthy tunes while the audience eventually tore the Trump head apart.

The night served as a festivity for the band’s drummer, who celebrates his birthday every year by organizing a rowdy punk show. Iron Guts Kelly and The Bad Ideas opened up the evening with equally menacing sets. None of these three bands have vocalists that stay onstage, all three jump into the crowd to intimidate and instigate. If you left the Replay wide-eyed with a little limp or some sort of injury, chances are your night was well-spent.



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