Just one year after The Melvins tore through the Bottleneck, they’re returning to Lawrence for what we anticipate as another ear-shattering performance. We caught up quickly with Buzz Osborne ahead of the show to discuss approaches to the music scene for today’s bands. You can learn about his take on the DIY scene, preferred format for ingesting music, and more before seeing The Melvins live at the Bottleneck on Tuesday, August 16.

We have a lot of bands in Lawrence that have benefited from the DIY format. How can the DIY scene help today’s musician?

BO: “Doing it myself works best for me because I don’t trust a lot of people to do it right. Ha! I don’t mind being in charge. A lot of time it’s fun. I’m glad that sort of work ethic has worked for other people. Good for them! Remember if it’s going to get screwed up it may as well be you who’s to blame.”

What do you consider the best format for music?

BO: “I prefer CDs because I think they sound best but I really don’t care how anyone listens to my music. It’s their choice and not something I usually waste time arguing with people about.” 

Who are your favorite up-and-coming bands right now?

BO: “I like Le Butcherettes a great deal and Thee Oh Sees.”

What’s something you know now that you wish you knew when you were younger?

BO: “Not to worry. You’re not wrong about anything.”

Finish this sentence: The best shows are the ones where… 

BO: “It gets over before my bed time.”



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