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All in the family: local musicians team up with parents for Father’s Day show

In the Pryor family, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. While many of today’s musicians were in diapers, Matt Pryor was touring the

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Photo Gallery: The 2016 Girls Rock! Lawrence showcase

Girls Rock! Lawrence Rock and roll is all about attitude, and nobody carries more attitude than teenage girls. This is why, on Saturday night, Girls Rock!
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Photo Gallery: Dressy Bessy / Leggy / Arc Flash

It was one of those Summer nights where it was so hot and muggy, you were sweating from your eyeballs. Everyone was wearing the bare
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Sax Appeal: The Everymen are one of the partiest bands in the biz

We'd like to think that any friend of Gnarly Davidson's is a friend of ours, and The Everymen have been pretty good friends to them.
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“Not Your Groupie.” Girls Rock preps young locals for the music scene

The Lied Center is all a-flutter this week. If you walk into any number of dressing rooms, you’ll find Lawrence’s future rock musicians hammering out
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Psychic Heat releases new music video

On the heels of their album release and theatrical release show, Psychic Heat continues releasing goodies to their fans with their latest work. The band

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Watch: Madame Groove at the Replay

Madame Groove is one of the smoothest musicians around. We were introduced to Aliyah Stephens at a mid-week Replay show, where she quickly won over

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Watch: No Magic at Frank’s

Ben Sauder, the maestro behind indie rock outfit No Magic, is normally an animal when you see him on the keys with Dean Monkey and

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Local rapper finds inspiration in anime

To call Kwame Boateng a fan of anime would be an overwhelming understatement. The local rapper looks to anime for a lot of inspiration in

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M83 brings vibrant electronic show to Kansas City

A five-year distance between albums can, apparently, be worth the wait. M83 returned to the area on Wednesday night, this time landing at the Midland