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You need to come chill with Left E. Grove

Anymore, watching a Left E. Grove set has been bringing more merriment and amusement to the local scene. On Thursday night, the local rapper celebrated

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Watch: KD Kuro at the Taproom

We can’t help but have a good chuckle when KD Kuro’s around. The Kansas City rapper has such a dry humor about him, it inevitably

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The Best Things We Saw at Field Day Fest

Five years into rocking the streets of Downtown Lawrence, and Field Day Fest still does not disappoint. Making it out to see all the performances

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Photo Gallery: 2016 Lawrence Field Day Fest, Day 1

The fifth year for Lawrence Field Day Fest kicked off Thursday night with an array of bands stretching from Manhattan to Kansas City. The Jackpot
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Photo Gallery: Easy Fruit / Schwervon! / Karen Meat and the Computer / Something and the Whatevers

The Taproom was a fun place to be on Tuesday night due to a selection of upbeat and peppy bands, with half the lineup hailing
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Sound Selectors: Meet the DJs who help Lawrence get down

When you hit the streets of Downtown Lawrence on any Friday evening, that’s when you’ll hear it. A sound luring in scenesters, beckoning them to


Organized Crimes detonates at the Taproom

If you really miss good industrial dance bands, then boy do I have some news for you. Organized Crimes is the electronic band this scene


Watch: The Conquerors rip it up at the Taproom

Do you miss the 60’s? Lucky for you, The Conquerors are delightfully (and very obviously) turning into The Beatles. But in all seriousness, there’s something


Watch: Fools Rush at the Taproom

The music scene in Lawrence is finally starting to quiet down this week… unless you were at the Taproom Wednesday night. That’s where Portland-based Fools