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Introducing: Harper K and Giovanni Ventello

One of the best signs that the music scene is in full swing post-pandemic is the emergence of new bands. On Friday night, The Jazzhaus
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Here’s how you can help local venues during the quarantine

When the COVID-19 quarantine hit Kansas, the community has been in a mad dash to help keep local businesses afloat. Now, I Heart Local Music

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Introducing: Half Tiger Half Bear

Over the past year, we’ve heard rumblings pop up about a soothing Americana act in town. So it was no surprise when we were wooed

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We couldn’t decide which local band to see Friday night, so we saw all of them

Friday night was a pretty banner night for the local music scene. There were so many good shows spanning so many genres and catering to
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There’s a secret hip-hop show that happens every Sunday in Lawrence

Spotlight LFK / Photo by Fally Afani Every Sunday, while the rest of Lawrence is heading to bed and absolutely dreading Monday, a select few
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Photo Gallery: Similar Animal / The Sophomores

It was the very picture of a perfect LFK Summer evening. The Final Friday art walk was rolling strong, buskers were out on every corner,
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Glass Bandit is Lawrence’s newest party band

The floor was just shaking at the Jazzhaus on Friday night. It was easy to lose your footing in all the commotion. That's because Lawrence's
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Where are the holiday parties at? A local music guide.

‘Tis the season for Festive Affairs, Christmas Celebrations, and belligerent blowouts! If you play your cards right, they could arrive in that order. The finish

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Once again, Halloween weekend will be lit AF this year

Hoo-boy. This one’s going to be a doozy. Generally, Halloween is full of shenanigans in the live music scene. But with the popular holiday falling