Spotlight LFK / Photo by Fally Afani

Every Sunday, while the rest of Lawrence is heading to bed and absolutely dreading Monday, a select few are headed to one of the hippest parties of the week at the Jazzhaus. That’s where Spotlight LFK hosts a weekly event featuring rappers from around the area.

Dre Logic and DP throw this affair together. Sometimes it’s packed, sometimes it’s not– but it’s always fun. There’s an incredible sense of jovial attitude floating about. The crowd shows up fashionably late and dressed to the nines (cool cats only), and the camaraderie is high and supportive amongst everyone. Spotlight LFK fired up at the Jazzhaus only at the beginning of the Summer. In mid-July, they featured only women on the stage. By the end of the month, the venue was stuffed with people.

They tend to stream every show on their Facebook page (you can watch it here. But here’s a snipped of TL Jones performing, who kicked the night off with her infectious charisma:


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You can catch the showcase every Sunday at 9:00 p.m. (ish).



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