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Kevin Morby, Waxahatchee, Anna St. Louis, and Bloodbirds deliver unforgettable show at Love Garden

In the middle of these single-digit temperatures, a ray of sunshine burst through at Love Garden Friday night thanks to a group of indie powerhouse
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Watch: Jasper at Love Garden

Jasper is a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll, and all attitude. The Lawrence band celebrated a new cassette release over the
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Photo Gallery: Varma Cross / Wendy Moira / Wides

On a chilly and drizzly Friday evening, Love Garden set the scene for some of Lawrence’s rising acts. Varma Cross was celebrating a cassette release
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Photo Gallery: The Ovaries-eez / Invisible Public Library / Heidi Gluck

You could call it one of the more delicate events to hit Love Garden. The Ovaries-eez, a band known for pitch-perfect harmonies and gentle calls


Watch: The Roseline at Love Garden

After getting delayed a couple of weeks (Royals, cough cough, Royals), The Roseline finally celebrated its reentrance into the scene with a new album, Townie.


Watch: Girlpool at Love Garden

Between Hammerween at the Granada and Youth Lagoon at the Bottleneck, Lawrence had its hands full with live music on Saturday. But nestled in between


Love Garden gets rowdy with Stiff Middle Fingers / The Bad Ideas / Arc Flash

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a good thrashing at Love Garden. Stiff Middle Fingers joined The Bad Ideas for a cassette release show,


Wandering Lake explores the unorthodox side of live performances

Inside Brian Kupillas is a swirling storm of extremes. On one end of his musical spectrum in Wandering Lake, he is a gentle guitar-plucking folk


Watch: Bloodbirds return to Love Garden with new album

If you missed Bloodbirds, take comfort in knowing that they missed you, too. Life happens. Babies are born. Bassists move away. But for one night,


Watch: Ms. Allison Olassa and Co. at Love Garden

It’s a real treat when Allison Olassa comes out for a show. The musician is a quiet, popular favorite in town, but her appearances are