Between Hammerween at the Granada and Youth Lagoon at the Bottleneck, Lawrence had its hands full with live music on Saturday. But nestled in between all the shows was a free, in-store performance featuring a highly-anticipated act.

With just two members, Girlpool keeps it intimate and engaging. Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad provide dizzying harmonies over captivating and punk-inspired guitar-work. The two are soft spoken, but strong– and kept the banter high and casual between songs. The young band’s young audience got to learn quite a bit about the two, thanks to their constant chatter. Who likes it hot, who likes it cold, what stops they enjoy on tour, yada yada.

Girlpool knows what the kids like, and that can include anything from sensitive music to minimalist style and instagram. In return, the quirky musicians are met with a wave of adoration. In-store performances are fairly common at Love Garden, but rarely do we look out and witness a sea of teens, arms raised, with their phones in the air.

Here’s what they sounded like at Love Garden on Saturday:

Words and photos by Fally Afani



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