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Farewell, Friend: Katlyn Conroy leaving legacy behind in Lawrence

We get it. Lawrence is one of those towns that, even with a robust music scene, artists come and go. Some even come back (the

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Dooms debuts with new track “Seattle”

You could throw a rock in any direction here in Lawrence and likely hit a new musical project from Katlyn Conroy. This month, Conroy (of

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Lawrence’s tribute to ABBA was one for the books

The Bottleneck may have very well been the loudest spot in Lawrence on Friday night. Unfit Wives / Photo by Fally Afani That's where a
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Watch: Cheery releases stunning and fashionable new music video

If it wasn’t clear that local musician Katlyn Conroy is our resident Kate Bush here in Lawrence, it is now. Under her latest creative project,

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Introducing: Cheery

Every time we turn around, local musician Katlyn Conroy has a new venture in the works. The multi-faceted (and multi-talented) creator has a finger in
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Don’t Stop Them Now: Local bands brought a killer Queen tribute to the Granada

Party Party / Photo by Fally Afani The first band wasn’t even on and the audience was already foaming at the mouth. After a season
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The Music Makers: Locals recount iconic moments ahead of Lawrence Songbook Showcase

In a music community as strong as Lawrence, it’s hard to fit everything into one package. There’s a rich history of rock, emo, rap, and

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Review: La Guerre – “Discord: recordings from the House of Leaves” EP

Discord, Katlyn Conroy’s latest EP under her La Guerre moniker, begins with “new safe,” a sparse opener strummed softly with just hints of percussion as

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From Limerick to Lawrence: “Songs from Ireland” to hit Liberty Hall

It hardly seems like Nick Carswell can sit still. The Irishman turned Midwest musician can generally be seen playing with his bands, Pink Royal and