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Teenage Wasteland: Local musicians recall albums from their youth

It seems that over the weekend, you couldn’t escape it. Social media feeds were nothing but a sea of your friends and loved ones recalling

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The Top 10 Most Badass Things We Saw From Local Bands in 2016

Earlier this week, we brought you the Top 10 most badass things we saw from touring bands this year. Now it’s time to pay our

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Merry Christmas from I Heart Local Music and La Guerre

Every year, we like to send a sort of digital Christmas card to our readers as a way of saying thank you for supporting live

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La Guerre teams up with local orchestra to perform original music

Katlyn Conroy, the siren-voiced musical mastermind behind La Guerre, has never been one to sit still. Just this year alone, she participated (actually, she slayed)

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Nate Holt releases lush electronic album

You can add this release to the rebirth of electronic music in Lawrence. Etan Tloh, whose name is actually Nate Holt but performs under the

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Listen: Alex Calhoun releases electronic tracks featuring local musicians

If you’ve been looking for electronic acts to listen to in Lawrence, Alex Calhoun is a good artist to start with. The local musician, out

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Photo Gallery: Wendy Moira / La Guerre / Wides

Lawrence is great, and the music scene is even greater. But it’s easy to develop a love/hate relationship with this town. Shows aren’t always easy

La Guerre

Genre: Indie, Pop Members: Katlyn Conroy Website: Aside from having the voice of a siren, Katlyn Conroy wins over audiences with effortless songwriting featuring

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Photo Gallery: David Bowie Tribute with Katlyn Conroy, CS Luxem, and Friends

A colorful and visually stunning celebration erupted at the Granada to celebrate one of history’s most influential artists. David Bowie was honored via performances from


Complicated Creatures: Lawrence musicians plan David Bowie tribute

You could say Chris Luxem has been a lifelong fan of David Bowie. When he was in 2nd grade, he used to go over to