La Guerre / Photo by Fally Afani

Discord, Katlyn Conroy’s latest EP under her La Guerre moniker, begins with “new safe,” a sparse opener strummed softly with just hints of percussion as the track progresses. It’s incredibly comforting and has a warmth surrounding the song, perfect for the frigid winter. Conroy’s voice hangs in the air like smoke from an extinguished candle, twisting and turning with the atmosphere (look no further than her delivery on “It’s unhealthy being happy” at the conclusion of the song). By contrast, “omaha” gives off an opposite feeling: leaving a comfortable heat only to be greeted by a breathtaking chill. It’s filled with a Midwestern melancholy and a light twang from the guitar. The idea of picking up and starting over somewhere else hits close to home, dear reader; will that truly fix anything? Does it ever?

Conroy’s singing packs a heartbreaking punch on “number’s up” and closer “pornography.” On the former, her lyrics and storytelling are perfect; the cadence in her delivery shifts pace to a fantastic intensity, but never out of her control. Drums punctuate her delivery, but never overpower the message. With the final track on Discord, her voice dances with the guitar and hits hard with “Drive too fast on gravel road/Not long until your tires explode” and “Once you fuck her heart, it can’t unbreak.” Absolutely a powerful addition to Conroy’s already great body of work.

Favorite Track: “number’s up”


Editor’s note:  You can catch La Guerre Friday, February 2nd, at the early Replay patio show with Carswell & Hope



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