Every time we turn around, local musician Katlyn Conroy has a new venture in the works. The multi-faceted (and multi-talented) creator has a finger in every artistic pot– she writes music, she’s an accomplished illustrator, and helps head up a local music camp for teens. Over the weekend, she debuted her latest project: Cheery.

At first glance, it appears that Cheery might be trying to take UltraVivid’s title for most synths and electronic gadgets in a local band (nice try, Cheery). This has resulted in a a host of sounds and beats we haven’t heard in local bands yet. Conroy has always been one to create music rich with emotion, and Cheery is a more matured direction from her past work. The band donned sparkly harts pinned to their sparkly clothes when they debuted at the Replay on Saturday, and you can give it a listen below:



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