If it wasn’t clear that local musician Katlyn Conroy is our resident Kate Bush here in Lawrence, it is now.

Under her latest creative project, Cheery, she goes full Katlyn as we’re taken on a heartbreaking, dramatic, and extremely fashionable journey of color explosions and dancing. We’re treated to all of Conroy’s strongest traits: songwriting, singing, and all the synth noises one musician can muster. But we’re also treated to her artist capabilities beyond music. Conroy has always been known for her creative eye, illustrating flyers for half the town and even crafting her own costumes for live shows. All of that is on display in full effect for “Concept of Love.” It leaves the viewer with a volcano of emotions– on the one hand, her voice is so soothing and beautiful… but on the other hand, there are a lot of exciting things to look at in the video.

“Concept of Love” is out on streaming sites today, but you should dive head first into the video below. It’s truly a work of art!



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