On Saturday night, the scene breathed a big sigh of relief as the heat wave lifted and rock and roll took center stage on the gorgeous outdoor patio of the Gaslight. Two powerhouse rock bands woke up that cozy corner of North Lawrence as they played what was likely their first gigs in nearly two years.

Dumpstar is hands down one of the most exciting punk bands in the area, and they’re loud (like a rock band OUGHT TO BE). Be sure to check out their EP, Exile on 9th, which we named one of our favorite albums of 2020. Every Dumpstar show, stuffed with covers and originals, is a thrilling experience thanks to their lineup of scene veterans with expert rock know-how (imagine living through a few decades of rock and roll and throwing the best of its incarnations into one perfect set).

They were joined by openers Flash Floods, who filled the night air with new and upbeat tunes that set the tone for the evening. Flash Foods were stellar, just spot on– and considering their enthusiasm for their driving new tunes, we anticipate seeing more of them in 2021.



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