Somewhere between Fidpick and Winfield, there’s a Summer evening show with MAW.

Their dry wit and no-nonsense humor was a welcome sight for those escaping the heat. The band, known for songs about anything from agricultural misery to factory misery, gave us a break from weather misery with sing-alongs about corn jail and the occasional mention of a train.

This was the sort of show where fiddle solos receive a hearty round of applause just as much as the kazoo bits. MAW does whatever they please, and it’s hard not to dote on them. They shared the stage with fellow folk instrumental maestros Gullywasher, and joked “Gullywasher songs are epic and hypnotic, and ours are short and epileptic!”

To celebrate the range of these accomplished musicians, you can watch their instrumental track below (and a non-instrumental as a bonus):



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