Bummer is your latest unruly group of hellions

Kansas City’s been spitting up quite a few hooligans in the music scene lately, and every now and then they tumble their way down I-70


Alluring and Sinister: Dated brings welcome mischief to the Replay

“Everybody’s better when they’re drinking and smoking. Happy Holidays!” That was the toast the guitarist from Dated gave when they played the Replay Saturday night.


Lawrence Loves Skating Polly

Lawrence has a new crush, and her name is Skating Polly. Lawrence has actually been crushing on the garage duo for a while, but audiences

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Album Review: The Sluts – “Virile”

Editor’s introduction: A little over two years ago, we walked into the Jackpot expecting to cover An Horse on their tour. But when a brand


Photo Gallery: Black On Black / The Sluts / Muddy Udders / CS Luxem

I Heart Local Music sponsored a raucous show full of various avenues for disorderly noise at the Replay Friday night. The lineup started off with


Photo Gallery: Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds / Psychic Heat

Sunday nights are usually filled with dread over the death of yet another weekend and the work week’s rebirth, but the line up at the


Photo Gallery: Title Fight / Balance and Composure / Cruel Hand / Slingshot Dakota

Sometimes shows are homogenous and play to a particular crowd. Wednesday was certainly an exception with a lineup that includes a hardcore circle-pit band, a


The Sluts / Bruiser Queen / Black on Black pack a punch at the I Heart Local Music showcase

If you’ve been wondering what happened to fun in this town, it was alive and well at the Jackpot on Saturday night. I Heart Local


Bruiser Queen spreads rock, good will across the nation

Garage rock duos are gaining more momentum than ever across the U.S., and one of the more underrated acts doesn’t live too far from Lawrence.


Field Day Fest finishes successful three-day run

Lawrence Field Day Fest culminated in a packed night of local and national acts that shared the Bottleneck stage and stole our hearts. Something and