Kansas City’s been spitting up quite a few hooligans in the music scene lately, and every now and then they tumble their way down I-70 and find themselves at the Replay.

On Friday night, we were introduced to one of the newer acts from the Kansas City DIY/punk/whippersnapper scene when Bummer wrecked through their short and holy terror of a set. The brats, barely old enough to play the venue, boasted an incredible talent we were lucky to see in these parts. When it comes to songwriting, these unruly hoodlums paid absolutely zero adherence to the rules. They changed the tempo whenever the fuck they wanted, constantly threw us for a loop, and kept us guessing. They may as well have just stood onstage for their short, 20-minute set flipping us off and yelling all sorts of obscenities at the crowd.

Their whiplash worthy performance was a delightful divulgence in youth and energy. With just about a year of experience behind them as a band, they nailed every note while flipping and back-bending at the speed of light, never missing an opportunity to come up for air through those long locks of hair just in time to belt into the mic.

These musical hellions were a welcome treat at the Replay, and in all honesty should be booked for every hardcore show.

Words and photos by Fally Afani

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