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Album Review: BUMMER – “Spank”

by Nathan Cardiff Time to headbang, motherfuckers. Olathe’s (as a former Johnson County resident I’m happy to give them this credit) BUMMER are rolling out


Hot Shit! Gnarly Davidson brings beer rock to Lawrence Field Day Fest

We’ve found headbanger heaven, and it’s at a Gnarly Davidson show. In just a little over a year, Mitch Jones, Sam Gunnerson, and Franklin Fantini


Watch: Godzillionaire slays at the Jackpot

Crotch rock is on the rise in Lawrence. If it wasn’t clear from the likes of Gnarly Davidson, then Godzillionaire (a band that gives zero


Bummer serves up an ass-whoopin at the Replay

Bummer is, without a doubt, one of those bands that you never skip out on. Not even on a Tuesday. If they come to your


Watch: Arc Flash at the Replay

“We’re done being cute!” exclaimed Arc Flash’s bassist, Lewis Guillen. “So now we’re going to be fucked up!” This was about halfway through Arc Flash’s

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Photo Gallery: Psychic Heat / The Sluts / Gnarly Davidson

Here are some scenes from Psychic Heat’s tape release show at the Bottleneck on Friday. Gnarly Davidson and the Sluts joined them on (and off)


Ponyboy returns from a dark place

“This next one’s called I hate myself and I wanna die.” Ponyboy went away for a little while. We don’t know where they’ve been, but


SXSW Bound, Night 1: A dramatic night under the lights

The first night of SXSW Bound was certainly an eye-catching affair. Under a bright and glistening light installation on the Jackpot stage, five acts provided


Paper Buffalo makes it look easy

Lawrence really just cannot get enough of Paper Buffalo. The heavy-numbered band of fairly young musicians played the Jackpot over the weekend. Their fans were


Listen: New music from Bloodbirds

It appears that Bloodbirds do, in fact, have a second album coming. They’re planning on releasing a new track each week leading up to the