by Nathan Cardiff

Time to headbang, motherfuckers.

Olathe’s (as a former Johnson County resident I’m happy to give them this credit) BUMMER are rolling out their High Dive Records debut Spank, in the only way the know how; as crude, tough, and deafening as all hell.

The trio gives us six tracks of snare smashing, guitar thrashing, teeth gnashing rock ’n’ roll. Relentless is a word to describe the record. BUMMER has reworked and remixed “Estocada” and “Infinite Witches” from their Milk EP without losing any of the raw power. That bass guitar still makes your vision go fuzzy. They let themselves plunge right into the moody noise of a two minute intro on “Bad News” until the roar kicks in. Lead single “Dude Baby” gives a soft hum and then knocks you into next week. It’s repeated chorus is a barrage on the senses (“What I want to say, I don’t want to say”). Something hypnotizing in its simplicity.

The band also has a sense of humor and weirdness with tracks titled “Double Stairway To Heaven,” “Dorm Water,” and the aforementioned “Dude Baby.” It certainly doesn’t take any the heaviness away from the tracks, but gives the album even more personality. Spank gives you everything you want but quickly reminds you, “You’re entitled to nothing.” These dudes are gonna rock their way and if you don’t like it? There’s the fuckin’ door.

Favorite Tracks: “Dude Baby” & “Infinite Witches”

by Nathan Cardiff

Editor’s note: BUMMER plays their release show at Love Garden this Saturday at 7:00 p.m. with Gnarly Davidson.



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