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Bloom’s new music video is totally trippy, you guys

We dig bands that are still creating during the quarantine. Bloom has been making a name for themselves as one of Lawrence’s sludgiest psych-rock bands,

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Local band features empty KU campus for quarantine-themed music video

Before the pandemic, Not All There (a band comprised of KU students) had a strong student fan base in Lawrence. So naturally, they took to

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The Ovaries-eez release new music video

Last week, we told you about a surprise EP from The Ovaries-eez. Today, they’ve released an accompanying music video for one of the tracks. “The

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Duncan Burnett celebrates his family in new music video

We can’t seem to let a month go by without seeing something spectacular from Duncan Burnett. On the heels of a series of striking Summer

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Milkdrop tackles gentrification in new music video

Our album reviewer Nathan Cardiff couldn’t have described MilkDrop’s album, The Leavenworth Story, any better. In his album review, he states: “An epic in social

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Watch: HighWesthus releases new music video

One of the most danceable acts in the area just released a new music video of his Field Day Fest set. HighWesthus both directed and

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Watch: Pala Zolo’s electro-themed music video

We’re dating ourselves here… but if you like “Tron,” you’ll dig the new Pala Zolo music video. Lawrence’s latest synth-saturated electronic act just released the

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Duncan Burnett releases animated music video

It seems you can’t turn anywhere in the local music scene without catching Duncan Burnett. He’s been spotted at a wide variety of performances between

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Christ… here’s a new JC and the Nuns music video

It seems no one is safe from March Madness… JC and the Nuns just posted this music video for “Psych Burn,” off their recently released

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Pala Zolo releases stunning new music video

Lawrence’s latest dreamy electronic act is up and running, and they’ve kicked things off with a stunning new music video. Eric Davis (of Hembree and