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Pala Zolo releases stunning new music video

Lawrence’s latest dreamy electronic act is up and running, and they’ve kicked things off with a stunning new music video. Eric Davis (of Hembree and

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Watch YOUNG MVCHETES’ dark and neurotic new music video

There’s an area hip-hop group we’ve had our ears on for a small while, and we’re finally beginning to get a better picture of their

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Watch: Hyperbor release sludgy new music video

Very few local acts release music videos anymore, and the ones that are artistic are few and far between. While normally the best music videos

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Watch: Sheven release music video for “The Recipe”

Sheven is really getting on our good side. We first became familiar with the Kansas City-based rapper at last year’s Field Day Fest (the Ghostbusters

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Split Lip Rayfield nerd out in new music video

If you love nerd shit and bluegrass, this video’s for you. Split Lip Rayfield just released an over-the-top, geeked-out video (complete with cheesy green-screened-in graphics)