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Psychic Heat premieres new single

It seems that Replay Records is up and running again. There have been recent rumblings of the locally-based record label, and we’re finally starting to

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Vivid Zebra collective raising strong crop of local electronic, hip hop acts

alccalh / Photo by Fally Afani Electronic music and independent hip hop have been making small rumblings in Lawrence, and they're likely to start making
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Watch: KD Kuro at the Taproom

We can’t help but have a good chuckle when KD Kuro’s around. The Kansas City rapper has such a dry humor about him, it inevitably

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Photo Gallery: Snoop Dogg / Wiz Khalifa / The High Road Tour

Snoop Dogg / Photo by Fally Afani Under a full moon in Bonner Springs, Kansas, an amphitheater was lit (both figuratively and literally). We've never
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Photo Gallery: Heart / Cheap Trick

Editor's Note: Heart and Cheap Trick traveled through Kansas City as part of the "Rock Hall Three For All" tour on Monday and played to
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Ask An Adult are really, really weird

Ask An Adult is a really, really weird band, you guys. But boy, are they fantastic entertainment. The frontman in Ask An Adult has no
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Photo Gallery: The People’s Punk Band / Iron Guts Kelly / The Bad Ideas

The People's Punk Band / Photo by Fally Afani In case you were wondering where The People's Punk Band's politics stand, Saturday night's show provided
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Party Animals: Drugs and Attics bring the party to Lawrence

Right now, there is no Kansas City-area band more deserving to be on Burger Records than Drugs and Attics. The guys make party music that
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Five Questions with Buzz Osborne of The Melvins

Just one year after The Melvins tore through the Bottleneck, they’re returning to Lawrence for what we anticipate as another ear-shattering performance. We caught up

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Photo Gallery: Weird Al at the Starlight

Really, the first thing that was fairly noticeable was the staggering amount of tin foil hats. Everybody had them on. Audience members, children, security, food