Ms. Amanda Love at Pride for the Masses / Photo by Fally Afani

Lawrence’s first installment of Pride for the Masses, a two-day music festival celebrating Pride Month, brought a sweaty and glitter-filled affair to the Jackpot. In addition to musical performances, the night was filled with appearances from local drag queen Ms. Amanda Love. To welcome her, and a monthly recurring drag show, the venue built a catwalk. It was put to good use as rapper Cuee christened it with the first set of the night. Glam rockers Wick and the Tricks brought an absolute spectacle that started with vocalist Wick stomping down the catwalk in knee-high glitter boots, stretching out large wings that read “Tear Down Our Walls,” and ended with him planting kisses and throwing mischievous looks out to the audience. The night ended with a dance party courtesy DJ Candy Ass. Night two of Pride for the Masses continues Saturday night.



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