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Curtis Mayfield tribute hits the Granada Saturday

This weekend, the Granada’s about to get Super Fly. That’s where several musicians are banding together for a Curtis Mayfield tribute. The event, dubbed “Beautiful

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Partners in Rhyme: How Lincoln Marshall are changing the hip-hop landscape in Lawrence

The rappers behind Lincoln Marshall have always been overachievers. In their solo careers— with Sean Hunt performing as Approach and John-Alan Suter as MilkDrop— their

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Five Questions with Buzz Osborne of The Melvins

Just one year after The Melvins tore through the Bottleneck, they’re returning to Lawrence for what we anticipate as another ear-shattering performance. We caught up

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How to rock Lawrence Field Day Fest, according to local musicians

For music lovers in Lawrence, Field Day Fest has become one of the most exciting events of the Summer. What started as strictly a rock

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Cover Me: Jessica Paige’s video covers take off

Jessica Paige Jessica Paige has got you covered. The local singer, songwriter, and overall charmer is no stranger to the world of covering songs. It’s
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Sound Selectors: Meet the DJs who help Lawrence get down

When you hit the streets of Downtown Lawrence on any Friday evening, that’s when you’ll hear it. A sound luring in scenesters, beckoning them to

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All in the family: local musicians team up with parents for Father’s Day show

In the Pryor family, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. While many of today’s musicians were in diapers, Matt Pryor was touring the

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Catching A Vibe: Kurt Vile on the Vinyl Renaissance and what it means to DIY

Kurt Vile is the type of songwriter that will always be evolving. His latest album, b’lieve i’m going down…, is a testament to that. When

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The regional reach: Why Sub Pop is the label that wants you to “think local”

Editor’s note: I Heart Local Music spent time in Seattle this Summer and spoke with some influential players in the music scene. This is the

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Library launches The Lawrence Music Project

If you go to the library, you can check out a book. So it makes sense that in a town like Lawrence, you can use