You’d think that working alongside a sibling for more than two decades could get a little tense. But for Michael and Kevin Bacon, who are bringing their band to Kansas City on Tuesday, it takes a little brotherly love (and the occasional rivalry) to keep things going. “Can’t say we don’t get on each other’s nerves sometimes,” says Michael. “But if you add the trust of a family member, and the hereditary music aesthetic, it’s definitely a positive.”

The Bacon Brothers Band, known for their blues-infused Americana style, is no stranger to Kansas City. They frequently tour through the area at off-the-path venues, with Tuesday’s “The Shaky Ground Tour” hitting the Folly Theater. “The crowds are always fun in KC,” says Kevin. “Folks are looking to have a good time when they hear live music. And grabbing a little barbecue works too!”

The band has made waves in recent years for covers from the likes of Hall & Oates (“When The Morning Comes”) and Alanis Morisette (“You Learn”). Michael says Daryl Hall chose the cover for them. “I think we tend to look for covers when we’re a little dry in our writing well,” he says, but ensures “right now where’re doing a lot of writing.” Part of that current writing stretch produced their latest single, “Play,” inspired by Kevin’s famous other half. “I’m always asked why my marriage has lasted this long, and this song is the answer,” he says. “People tell me ‘it must take a lot of work’ and to me it’s not about work, it’s about PLAY!”

25 years is a long time to keep plugging at the band, but Michael says it’s what feels right. “We’re not going to end famine and achieve world peace, but I think in both of our hearts we believe in what we’er doing and believe we should keep doing it.”

The Bacon Brothers play The Folly Theater in Kansas City on Tuesday. You can listen to their new single “Play” below:



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