Other Americans / Photo by Fally Afani

Bombastic rock ’n’ roll soars to new heights on the new EP from Other Americans. Their sound is ready to fill arenas with these anthemic, dancey bangers.

OA2 doesn’t follow a traditional path, offering up three tracks (“Neon Sunrise,” Salt Mines,” and “Runaway King”) all pulsing with thundering drums, waves of synth, blazing guitars, and crisp vocals before throwing a remix of “Memory” by MENSA DEATHSQUAD (guitarist Brandon Phillips’ project), kicking the new-wave fever dream into overdrive. The band revs up again with the heavily hypnotic “Ship of the Desert” before turning the keys over over for remixes of the first three tracks. It’s a fun production choice and makes these wildly catchy tunes even dancier. Other Americans bring a wild energy to their music and obliterate genre lines by steering full speed into any direction they please.

Editor’s note: Other Americans play recordBar on Wednesday, October 9, with Sinkane.



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