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Album Review: CS Luxem – “Symptoms”

It was a shock to my system discovering the last review I wrote for CS Luxem was four and a half years ago. Our paths

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Watch: Bobby Sauder at Decade

Bobby Sauder, beloved son of the cherished local Whatever Forever label, is making beautiful music. A longtime member of both the label and the scene,

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Album Review: Varma Cross – “Reunion Balloons”

Quick and lethal, Varma Cross’ Reunion Balloons is like a switchblade; the five tracks spring out with a sharp shimmer and strike with a viciousness.

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Photo Gallery: The Ovaries-eez / Invisible Public Library / Heidi Gluck

You could call it one of the more delicate events to hit Love Garden. The Ovaries-eez, a band known for pitch-perfect harmonies and gentle calls


Vocal Vixens: The Ovaries-eez help lead the female front in Lawrence

In a town full of rock and rollers, The Ovaries-eez stand out. The group, comprised of a trio of siren-voiced musicians, generally take the stage


Watch: Youngest Children at the Replay

Well, since Summer won’t seem to go away, here’s a band that’s full of sunshine. Youngest Children is another one of those bands that packs


Watch: The Wandering Lake in a field of sunflowers

It’s easy to see why folks take to The Wandering Lake so easily. Laid back, breezy, and just right for fans of mellow. It’s drama-free


Watch: CS Luxem at the Replay

It wouldn’t be a proper Lawrence summer if we didn’t check in with CS Luxem. We found him in his natural habitat at the Replay


Fans get freaky at Forever Fest

The Lawrence label boasting musicians that like to get weird lived up to its reputation on Friday. Whatever Forever held a mini festival of sorts


Wandering Lake explores the unorthodox side of live performances

Inside Brian Kupillas is a swirling storm of extremes. On one end of his musical spectrum in Wandering Lake, he is a gentle guitar-plucking folk