Well, since Summer won’t seem to go away, here’s a band that’s full of sunshine.

Youngest Children is another one of those bands that packs a punch with very little. Comprised of just two lovely individuals, the band is brimming with high-pitched harmonies over casual strumming and breezy alternative melodies. This laid back, breezy attitude in music seems to be a theme in Lawrence right now (think Toughies or Plains), and the locals are taking to it well.

Youngest Children also sports an interesting setup, and wears it well. The stoic frontwoman Angie Schoenherr will switch between guitar and bass, while her musical partner Nate Henricks remains seated behind her. He keeps all appendages busy with hands strumming along on his guitar and both feet tapping not only a bass drum but a snare as well (the snare is so politely quiet we almost didn’t notice it at first). But this band doesn’t stay quiet for long. Their songs tend to crescendo at an impeccable, gradual rate and end in a vigor that holds their fans’ attention until the very end.

Here’s what they sounded like at the Replay on a cheerfully busy Thursday night:

Words and photos by Fally Afani



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