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Photo Gallery: Femme Fest 2019

White Schoolhouse was feeling the love over the weekend as dozens of revelers made their way through the thick snowfall to the cozy North Lawrence
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Watch a bunch of LFK punk rockers cover Ramones for upcoming compilation

In what we can only describe as the LFK version of “We Are The World,” a bunch of local punk rockers crammed into a home

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Out Here: How a new Pride Night is focusing on queer talent

We adore Downtown Lawrence’s nightlife just as much as anyone, but there’s always been something glaringly obvious missing from a town like Lawrence– a really


Vigil and Thieves

Genre: Pop, Punk, Rock Members: Sarah Storm, Steph Castor, Andrew Flaherty, Matthew Muckenthaler Website: Neverland by Vigil and Thieves

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The best things we saw at SXSW 2017

Editor’s Note: We sent photographer Leroy Pristach down to SXSW to see what Lawrence and Kansas City bands were doing this year. Here’s a look

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Photo Gallery: Stiff Middle Fingers / Vigil and Thieves / Left E Grove / Cuee

Hold onto your butts. Field Day Fest is coming. The strictly local music festival is arguably (and we will argue this) one of the hottest
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Photo Gallery: Lawrence Field Day Fest, Day 3

The Bad Ideas / Photo by Fally Afani The fifth year of Field Day Fest ended in a spectacular showing of fanfare, support, and complete

The Power of Vigil and Thieves

This really doesn’t feel like the same band we saw at Field Day Fest two years ago. Vigil and Thieves can be a lot of

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Photo Gallery: Kangaroo Knife Fight / Vigil and Thieves / Stiff Middle Fingers / Small Waves

The Bottleneck played host to a number of Kansas City bands on Saturday night, including Kangaroo Knife Fight, Vigil and Thieves, and Small Waves. Lawrence

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Review: Vigil and Thieves – “[defective] book one”

by Nathan Cardiff Vigil and Thieves’ record [defective] book one, begins with crystal clear stunner “Melt” where the vocals are an intense force blasting throughout