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Photo Gallery: The Replay’s 25th Anniversary

Bummer Fans at the Replay's 25th Anniversary Show / Photo by Fally Afani If you know anything about the Replay (or rather, how Replay shows

The Replay Rocks For 21st Birthday Celebration

Well, well, well. Look who’s finally legal. The Replay turned 21 over the weekend, and the Lawrence institution celebrated in style by throwing together a


The Replay celebrates 20 tenacious years

Congratulations, Replay. Your entertaining, memorable, and shameless good times have officially lasted two decades. What better way to celebrate than with a show just as


Photo Gallery: Art Tougeau Street Party

In a grand display of revelry, Lawrence showed how to properly kick start a summer of fun with the Art Tougeau street party. The event


Jackpot to host SXSW benefit

The SXSW music festival is a big deal for up and coming musicians. The week-long Austin-based extravaganza has become sort of a rite of passage


Photo Gallery: The Hips / Monsoon Lazer

Halfway through their set, Monsoon Lazer’s Sam Gunnerson held his arms out wide, leaned into the mic and exclaimed “You really know it’s the end


Watch: New Music from The Hips

It seems like the moment Thanksgiving was over, folks eagerly rushed to the Replay to get back into their usual routine and enjoy an extended


Photo Gallery: Celebrating the Final Four win with The Hips / The Harrisonics

There’s no better way to celebrate KU’s Final Four win than with a disorderly and rambunctious show at the Replay. The scene outside the Replay


Photo Gallery: The Hips / Approach / Dry Bonnet / The Roseline

On a sunny Saturday evening, scores of local music fans packed into a basement lined with mattresses for one of the most rewarding house shows


Top 10 shows of 2011

2011 saw more new bands and festivals than you can shake a stick at. We launched the site in the Spring, and since then have