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Photo Gallery: Red Money / The Cave Girls / Schwervon!

If you were at the Replay over the weekend, there's a good chance you were seeing red. It's not too often we see rock bands
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Photo Gallery: Easy Fruit / Schwervon! / Karen Meat and the Computer / Something and the Whatevers

The Taproom was a fun place to be on Tuesday night due to a selection of upbeat and peppy bands, with half the lineup hailing
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Photo Gallery: Guided By Voices / Schwervon!

You could say that Robert Pollard has a love/hate relationship with everyone around him. When the head honcho behind Guided By Voices toured through Lawrence

Dancing, snack loving local musicians ready to rock with Guided By Voices

There’s something irresistibly gleeful about a Schwervon! show. The Kansas City two-piece tend to bring out the best in their fans thanks to their unmatched

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Photo Gallery: Dressy Bessy / Whoa Thunder / Schwervon!

When half the lineup sounds like a sort of exclamation or hearty declaration, you know what you’re in for. In perhaps one of the more


Feel-good Everything: Schwervon! brings holiday cheer to the Replay

When Schwervon! comes to town, it’s like when that cool Aunt and Uncle everybody likes comes around for the holidays. They were especially dapper when


The Cave Girls bring feminist fanfare to the Replay

Here’s to the women on top of the world, most of which had to have been at the Replay on Saturday night. The Cave Girls

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Photo Gallery: Narkalark / Spencer Brown / Schwervon!

Last Friday was “Stop Day” here in Lawrence. For those of you at a loss as to what that means, it’s the last weekday before


Bruiser Queen / Drop A Grand / Schwervon! electrify the Replay

Saturday night’s show at the Replay was not for the faint of heart. I Heart Local Music brought three exciting and vibrant acts together for


Watch: Schwervon! continues live show antics

We’ve already told you once before about Schwervon!’s antics. The garage pop duo not only churns out one insanely catchy song after another, but they