If you were at the Replay over the weekend, there’s a good chance you were seeing red. It’s not too often we see rock bands out of France, but on Saturday one of their best graced the Replay stage. Sporting the tiniest leather jackets we’ve ever seen, Red Money rocked the hell out of the downtown venue while punks gazed on in awe. True to their name, the French duo maintained a red color palette while they worked the crowd and displayed equal parts sex and rock and roll. It was the type of music you may hear in a high-end fashion commercial for fancy whiskey… or during a movie when the protagonist makes their grand, leather-clad entrance into a desert roadhouse (we’re shakin’ in our boots!). They were joined by Kansas City’s brazen The Cave Girls and the always entertaining Schwervon!, who once again delighted with a mid-set interpretive dance and poetry reading.



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